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With the lifestyle changes that occur after a stroke, I at times lament what I can’t have anymore. Because of the blood thinners, I can’t have vitamin K rich foods, for example. For a man who likes his spinach and broccoli, that can be seen as a problem. Overall, providence is smiling because I’m still here. Sometimes, though, it’s tough to pass the salad bar.

And then in my stroke research, a bright beacon shone. An article published just last month by United Press International says that coffee may play a role in reducing the risk of stroke.The Swedish study included 35,000 women and lasted over 10 years. The conclusion the researchers came to: the women who drank little or no coffee had a higher risk of cerebral infarction.
Meanwhile having 1 to 5 cups a day showed a reduction in risk of up to 25%. Read the UPI article here.This makes me smile because my well-meaning friends sometimes commiserate with me about what I can’t have and they throw in the things they can’t have because of health issues with them. It’s human nature to build relationships and communities around commonalities. In my next discussion, I have something else to talk about.

This news may not be related, but I wanted to post it anyway. May is National Stroke Awareness Month so you’ll see me talk about that a lot in the coming weeks. And during the month, I’ll be at various events learning more about what happened to me and what I can do from keeping it from happening again.

On May 17, I plan on being at New Albany Hospital for a conference called “Advances in Stroke Recovery.” Doctors Kerri Remmel and John C. Shaw will be speaking. It’ll cost $10 and there’s limited space. Click here for the info.

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