Mental Challenge

Posted: May 18, 2011 in survivor
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Tim Girton

A shot of me at the day job.

Don’t Have A Stroke has been neglected as of late. I’ve been going through life changes that can affect me and those around me for a long time to come.

While going through everything, I’ve been made aware that there are those close to me that think that my stroke may have affected me mentally. My first reaction was “B.S.” My CVA struck the area in my brain that controls coordination and communication. However, in the interest of fairness to those who read this website, I did some research.

According to the National Care Givers Library, depression is common among people who have survived a stroke. The explanation comes from the feelings of sadness about the problems caused by the condition. In my case, I don’t have lingering issues. I have a few minor complaints that get a little better every day. I feel blessed every day that my brain attack wasn’t worse. To mangle a slogan, I’m too blessed to be depressed.

Now, for those that have depressive disorders caused by a CVA, get them help right away. If they don’t see it, it’s up to their loved ones to step in to help. If you are the stroke survivor and notice that you’re depressed, take it upon yourself to seek help because it’s out there. I hope that this website shows that you are not alone.

Let me posit this as an alternative to my own particular situation. Is it possible that with my stroke came clarity? The realization that something needed to change, that I needed to take more charge of the circumstances of life? Perhaps the ultimate lesson is that life should be lived at its best because it can be taken in a matter of moments – not by a bullet or an accident. Sometimes your brain has had enough.

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