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My son London

Today is my son London’s 11th birthday and I shutter to think how I might not have been here to help him celebrate. In earlier entries, I’ve stressed the importance of taking care of yourself, which I should have done better. But how do you recognize a stroke when it’s happening? You do it F.A.S.T.

F.A.S.T. is an initialism (most people say acronym) for: (more…)

I have a couple more questions answered for my FAQs. Researching and finding answers to what happened to me is helping me understand the severity of my life choices. Any one or all of them could have influenced my CVA and a chance in any of them could have prevented it all together. Live healthy and don’t ignore any of the following signs. (more…)
I’ve been working on the FAQs for “Don’t Have A Stroke” and the first question I wanted to answer is, “what is a stroke?” I’ve talked to neurologists and I feel pretty comfortable giving the medical terminology, but I wanted to break it all the way down to where anyone can understand it. (more…)